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Learn About Your Health

​Our Goal

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make healthy choices for your body.

Why Learn About Your Health?

Knowledge is power.  On an individual level, knowing about your health will allow you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, thus reducing your risk of developing a preventable disorder or illness. In fact, 70% of illnesses are considered preventable! On a larger level, lower rates of preventable illnesses will reduce the nation's health care costs.


Get Started

Use the navigation bar to start watching videos! We offer a course designed for middle school students, a course designed for high school students, and a collection of videos on general health topics.


Latest Video: The Common Cold Part 2

Learn about the common cold, its complications, how to prevent getting it, and steps you can take to get better. Also, learn how to tell the difference between a cold, flu, and allergies.

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